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  • A Retro Kids Christmas

    I’m dreaming of a Retro Kids Christmas. To be fair, I am always dreaming about Retro Kids and their goodies but since I pretty much kitted Phoebe’s nursery in stuff from there. I have had to allow my purse to breathe again and refuel.

    Which is why I have themed most of my Christmas asks around Retro Kids.

    Retro Kids

    Now that is a snow globe

    Who are Retro Kids?

    For those of you unfamiliar with Retro Kids. First of all, how? Retro Kids is an online shop run by Joanne a mum of two. Joanne created Retro Kids a store selling Retro, Kitsch and Kawaii stuff for kids and well big kids (adults).

    Selling products by brands such as Oli & Carol, Lapin & Me, Ingela P Arrhenius, Retro Fisher Price, A little lovely Company, Jimmy Cricket, Alba Baby and so many many more.

    With a great range of prices too, there is something to please most.

    Retro Kids

    Who remembers these?

    Retro Kids can not disappoint. They can make your purse weep, but all of the items are just so aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic. It is like going into the back of your wardrobe and instead of being in Narnia, you are at your nans wearing a Fido Dido t-shirt and bumbag and playing with your record train.

    Retro Kids

    What fun these used to be

    So dear Father Christmas, if I promise not to sit on your lap anymore. Please can you drop these goodies down my chimney? I will leave a Heston’s Mince pie, a glass of Whisky and a copy of Mrs Claus does Lapland out for you.

    *Sidenote: This pretty much is the list I have asked for Phoebe, I cannot recommend them enough*

    Retro kids

    How Russian dolls have changed.

    Joanne at Retro Kids is on Instagram too.


  • Organix Goodies Crispy Bars

    Organix Goodies

    Organix sent me some new crispy bars to try with Phoebe. It was like they knew I was on the search for some new things to feed my snack gobbling toddler.

    Two new types of snack bars arrived. Cocoa & Orange Crispy Bars and Berry Crispy Bars.

    Now Phoebe has entered the snack phase in her life where she pretty much wants everything I am eating, apart of course from healthy vegetables. Her interest in soft puffed hoop type snacks has diminished and she has started to ask for things that I am not always that willing to let her eat.

    She wants to eat like the big kids. I want to still feed her things less full of junk and more full of fruit and veg.

    These new Organix Goodie bars slot nicely into the grown up looking treat but without the nasties. This is pretty much perfect.

    The question is, did Phoebe fall for it?

    organix goodies

    There is no test like a toddler test

    A no junk promise, Always organic, nothing unnecessary. Organix have been feeding Phoebe since she began to wean. We have tried pretty much everything they have to offer.

    I have also seen Phoebe fling a lot of snacks I have offered her since becoming a toddler and her being very aware of what is on offer.

    So I showed her the boxes of Organix Goodies Crispy Bars. We opened them together and she chose which one she was going to try first. The cocoa and orange one.

    Well this story ends well because she loved it, the crispyness of it adding another dimension of new textures for her went well. She ate it all as I pretended to not watch her.

    Then when we went shopping and the “Mummmmmmmmm snack please’ question arose, I gave her the Berry one to try.

    Again she ate it all up. Result. She has also continued to eat them through out the week.

    This may just look like a snack bar, but to any parents out there who find meal times and snack attacks as often laborious as I do, you will understand why it is great when you find something that makes it just a little bit easier.

    Head on over to the Organix website for a full list of ingredients and to peruse what else is on offer.

    They are also on Instagram as organixfood



  • Baked rice pudding with cardamom poached plums

    Gizzi Erskine’s: Baked rice pudding with cardamom poached plums.

    With the weather changing, my favourite holidays impending and the fact that I now get to pretend I am stopping my diet and can eat warming, slightly indulgent, naughty foods. This recipe from Gizzi Erskine’s new book: Gizzi’s Season’s Eatings was perfect. Especially as I am Halloweeening it up at the moment.

    rice pudding

    Now I am not usually a Cardamom fan, in fact I am that person that gets ragey when accidentally chewing on one in my rice at the local Indian.

    I now however shall be waving the Cardamom flag, maybe only at half mast but still. Cardamom poached plums are rather divine. Breaking away from my usual mulled wine poached plums, this recipe was easy, lighter and it worked. Admittedly I lessened the suggested pods by two in fear but it was great. So great the poached plum recipe has been made three times now and used in the morning on our porridge.

    It was nice to see Gizzi comes from the baked rice pudding family (it is the only way I have ever known). This recipe is so easy – anyone, no matter how fearful of cooking they are, can whip this all together and what you are left with is just scrummy. It is lying on the sofa with a fire and blanket whilst watching The Nightmare Before Christmas food. It is childhood in a bowl with a new addition of the plums to be passed on to the next generation.

    In fairness this rice pudding needs no accompaniments but it does not hurt.

    Rice pudding


    I have included the recipe, may you go and bake and devour this creamy, naughty pudding. For your hips may hate me but you will be thankful.

    Cardamom poached plums:

    350g (12 oz) Plums

    3 Tablespoons caster sugar

    6 cardamom pods, lightly crushed

    2 Tablespoons lemon juice


    Halve and stone the plums and place them in a large pan. Add the sugar, cardamom, lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of water. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 15 – 20 minutes, until the plums are tender and swimming in a little juice. Set aside until cold and then remove the cardamom pods. Mash plums slightly with a fork


    Baked rice pudding:

    100g (3 1/2 oz) Pudding rice

    70g Caster sugar

    300ml (10fl) double cream

    700ml (1 1/4 pints) Whole milk

    50g (1 3/4 oz) chopped unsalted butter

    Seeds of 1 vanilla pod

    A very generous fresh grating of nutmeg

    1 bay leaf

    (Cardamom poached plums to add)


    Preheat the oven to 180c/160c fan (350f) Gas mark 4. In a1 1/2 litre baking dish, mix together all the ingredients, Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 45minutes. Remove the foil, stir and finish cooking uncovered for a further 30-45 minutes, or until a darkish skin has formed and the rice underneath is cooked and gooey and creamy.


    rice pudding


    It really is that easy and that delicious.

    For more festive themed recipes check out Gizzi Erskine’s new book: Gizzi’s Seasons Eatings 

    Check out her Instagram too: Caution it may make you hungry.

    Coming soon: I get the Halloween gossip from Gizzi.

    Stay tuned



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I thought long and hard about starting a blog. Knowing that there are some fabulous reads out there I wondered whether I should jump aboard the written ship. Then I thought about my role or my position as a single mother and how my experience may benefit to be heard. So, I am Alex a 34 year old single mother. I did not choose this role but I am in it and winging it one typo at a time. I will share, I may even scare but I hope that my words will bring comfort, solace and maybe even some inspiration and amusement to those that read it. “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” - Milton Berle

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Another passion of mine. Those who say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, never really ate. I spent most of my youth eating to live and then my adulthood living to eat. I love to bake and am a total an utter feeder. I make things for other people, often things I do not like. Something beautifully perverse about watching people enjoy your creations. I will add some of my offerings onto this blog. Sharing is caring. Though I am not liable for any weight gain.


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