My hips don’t lie

Now that I have a 10 week old baby do I have to care what my body looks like?

There are moments when I look at myself and feel fiercely proud at my war wounds I have collected after growing Phoebe.

There are moments when I look at myself and shudder.

I have a scar that is pretty epic. I gained a few tiny stretch marks above the scar after I had her. That felt pretty mean seeing as I thought I had escaped stretch marks. My breasts are softer and in no way pointing in the direction they used to. But then I was expecting cocker spaniel ears so not too many complaints there. And I have a soft pouch above my scar that feels a bit like jelly.

I feel like my ‘I just had a baby’ pass is close to expiring and that I should probably re introduce exercise and dieting into my life but then CAKE… Mums love cake. Mums love going out and meeting other mums for food. This always leads to cake.

Maybe I need to extend this pass for a few more weeks until the cake novelty wears off. If that is even a thing,

Ali x

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