8 Months


Hello 8 Months,

You crept up like my unwanted belly wobble.

My little chubster is on the move. She has learnt to bum shuffle, backwards crawl and roll to all the places she is not meant to go.

She tries to pull herself up and has discovered that my ‘handles’ make good well handles.

Her vocal cords have developed and the noises she loves to scream are starting to make sense.

Her exorcist imitating has slowed down thankfully. I may owe that to a church visit where she went full blown Regan. It may have left the building. (Fingers crossed)

My baby seems not a little baby anymore. It’s making me broody….. pah ha ha *puts down the mum juice*

But she has turned into a proper little person, my wingman.

Not ready for the next four months, the final count down. I may have to invest in time travel.

Ali x






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