A mothers day ode:

A mothers day ode:

I made a little person
You grew inside my tum
For nine months you were inside of me
I couldn’t feel my bum

I was sick and oh so tired,
From sleeping sitting up
My boobs were really tender
And I always felt full up.
My hormones were quite scary
Hot flushes just a joke.
And you often gave my ribs and front bum
A cracking little poke.

I couldn’t see my feet and
I peed when I laughed
Farting was horrendous
And I was a partial to a barf.

But when the end became so near
It suddenly became so real.
This tiny person inside of me
Was actually a big deal.

And on the day you were evicted
It felt a bit like torture.
But here you are
This tiny star.
A beautiful little daughter.

Suddenly the pains and fears
Had turned into joy
You were my child, my missing piece
My forever little toy.

And through the tears and sleepless nights
The times when it has felt so hard
All the other amazing moments with you
Feel like the winning card.

So I guess what I am trying to say to you,
My gorgeous little cloud
Is thanks for choosing me as your mum
I hope I do you proud.

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