Back away from the forums

Step away from search engines. Just don’t do it.
One of the most valuable decisions I made was to not google every concern I had about Phoebe. I mean do you really need the mums of mumsnet who inform you that you are doing it all wrong and that the dribble rash your baby has is all your fault and you should go to your GP immediately as it may be Ebola.
Whilst there are some really helpful and informative websites that don’t make you feel batshit crazy, there are some public forums that make you wonder if those parents have been snorting calpol.
I think the theory share not scare got squished to death when keyboard warriors used some of these sites to create a ripple amongst parents.
If you need advice, go to sites that are made to give just professional advice like the Nhs or babycentre.
Back away from the forums or that spot on your babies earlobe may end up being a bite from a rare spider that could of come with your bananas via the congo.
Your intuition is so powerful and whilst your baby knowledge may not be. Go with it and seek wisely.
Or forever be a quivering paranoid mama who thinks she is doing it all wrong,


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