• Feeding your way

    I am writing this post because I spoke to someone who said she felt a failure for not being able to breastfeed. Hearing her say failure was gutwrenching.

    Knowing that you have grown a tiny human inside of you and then gone through delivery. That is a bloody miracle. Looking after that tiny human as it grows into an adult, well that deserves a badge of honour.

    How you nourish your child is up to you and you should never feel ashamed if something was not for you.

    I wanted to breastfeed for the beginning. And if I am completly honest I knew it wouldn’t last. If I am really really honest. My wardrobe played a big part in that. Yeah I thought about the fact that living in dresses would make it hard and I didn’t want that. If I don’t mind. Why should anyone else?!

    Now I actually ended up not being able to breastfeed at all because I had post c section complications and was on medicines for so long that pumping to keep the milk flowing whilst I was in hospital made me exhausted.

    I then realised as my newborn drank her bottle and then lay in my arms, that she got all the love and nourishment she needed in that moment. That I was giving her the world, even if it came from a packet.

    Did I fail? No. Has anyone ever made me feel less of a mother because of how my child is fed? No.

    If you ever feel that you failed because of how you feed your child, then I urge you to stop, look at your child, pat yourself on the back for growing and nurturing that little human and give yourself a little more credit,

    Ali x