• Marley’s World


    As a total bookworm, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to review Marley’s World – Asia by Gemma Byers.

    Now I am very aware that Phoebe is just a baby and is too young to be able to understand about Venomous bites and Forests In Borneo but I also read to her The faraway tree so….

    For this book I enlisted the help of my niece Millie and a five year old.

    The book features Marley a lovable cat that gets to go on various adventures. I was given Asia to read, and having spent alot of time there it was totally apt.

    The children and I were immediately drawn to the beautiful illustrations and Elephant was shouted out with glee.

    Each page is filled with friendly and life like illustrations and facts about the animals of Asia. A nice way it makes it child appropriate is the way the animals interact with Marley the cat. This was noticed by the 5 year old and she liked the familiarity. I believe this was a great way to help them concentrate on the facts.

    At the end of the book I was asked questions and my niece re opened the book to find the elephants.

    I will for sure be investing in the set and saving it for Phoebe to learn with.

    So to summarise, if your child likes to learn but wants to be immersed in child friendly pictures and an oh so cute cat then Marley’s World is for you. There is also an ecological message that makes it also appropriate for older children interested in wildlife and conservation.


    Gemma Byers is on Etsy under the name Marleysworldbooks so head on over there for a peruse.