• Halloween outfits


    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Okay it is the second most wonderful time of the year!!!.

    Halloween is coming, the air is getting eerie, playlists are getting their spook on, the shops are adorned with fake cobwebs, costumes and teeth rattling goodies. For some it is a time they can stuff their faces with sweets and blame it on the trick or treaters. For me, a large part of it is the clothes!!! Finally I can channel the teenage goth in me and project it onto my “not quite old enough to dictate what she wants to wear toddler”.

    This was also a great opportunity for me to show support to some great parent run businesses I discovered through Instagram, to get creative and put together outfits on a budget and to get my needle and thread out (okay get my mum to do it).

    First of all I would like to share with you two shops I discovered through Instagram starting with Bloody Nora Pam:


    Bloody Nora Pam are husband and wife co-creators Emma and Adam. For so long it had been a dream of theirs to create beautiful apparel and after learning that life is short they realised very quickly that this adventure needed to begin. The name of their shop is inspired by the most beautiful and amazing person that they have ever known and tragically lost too soon. Adam’s brother Josh died suddenly aged 24 due to sepsis. His love, light and positivity inspired them to create clothing that spreads positive messages and lifts people’s spirits in the way he did. Money from every item that they sell is also donated to the UK Sepsis Trust in honour of Josh.

    Halloween outfits

    With a fantastic Halloween range of “support your local ghoul gang” merchandise out, including adults and kids t-shirts, patches and tote bags, you can show your spooky solidarity.

    If ghoul gang is not your thing, then they also have an “eliminate girl hate” range and a Bloody Nora Pam badge from which they give all profits to the UK Sepsis Trust.

    I love the fact that they took an important message and integrated Halloween into it, and I can slightly goth up my child but it is still childish and appropriate.

    The fact that what they are doing comes from great tragedy but they are turning it around and raising money for the Uk Sepsis Trust is fantastic.

    Head to www.bloodynorapam.co.uk to be part of the ghoul gang.


    Now onto Skeletots:

    halloween outfits

    I have had a long-standing relationship with Skeletots. Phoebe has been wearing their dresses since she was six months old. I have been obsessing over their awesome prints forever. I believe they may have been one of my first bought via Instagram shops.

    Claire created Skeletots as she wanted alternative baby wear to be more freely available. With a love of skulls, roses, cats, black, leopard print and bows, Claire has an Etsy shop that will please any parent looking for something well made but a little different.

    halloween outfits

    The cat dress from Skeletots Phoebe is wearing, is just the right amount of spooky for a toddler and the right amount of goth for me. Teamed up with some trusty boots, black clothes and cat ears, Phoebe is looking just Purrrrrfect.  Of course these beautiful clothes are not just for Halloween – no gimmicks, well made and cute enough for all year round

    Head on over to http://www.skeletots.co.uk



    halloween outfits

    DIY and Halloween on a budget:

    I like to think getting creative is one of my things, I live and breathe for the slightly different, the adventurous, the bold, the sweet. Give me a theme and I am a walking talking  Pinterestbot.

    Now I am also a single mum who has not yet returned to work so I need to mostly shop realistically and without making my purse weep ( of course sometimes my purse misbehaves and falls into the arms of a really nice but slightly pricey shop)

    The combination of the two means, I am often looking for ways of creating with bargains. It also means I can beg my mum who is the mistress of making, to sew up my thoughts into whimsical and wonderful outfits for Phoebe.

    halloween outfits


    As seen in the picture, Phoebe’s outfit is in homage to The Ghostbusters. Obviously the original, because the new one is quite frankly enough to make any ghost/human want to be sucked up and put in a box.

    I discovered oversized £2 jumpers in the back to school section of ASDA. Then I searched on Ebay for some cheap Ghostbusters patches and voila Phoebe’s Ghostbusters jumper which cost me £5.50

    The leggings were on sale from www.zulily.co.uk which sells a variety of American clothes at a fraction of the price. Ghosts and bats again fitting in with Ghostbusters and Halloween.



    halloween outfits

    I will often search on the internet for deals, buy from sales for the next year and customise or put an outfit together. I will usually go to pound shops to buy accessories as they are cheap but usually right on point with things like Halloween. The skeleton bag in the picture is from the local pound shop.  The cost of the items make it a little easier when they are met by a bulldog toddler who cares nothing about money.

    Though I usually avoid buying items from Asia on Ebay because well, we have all seen the pictures of their pictures versus their reality, but they do make good socks and tights so I do sometimes turn to them when I need those accessories. (The Frankenstein says Relax top is also from Zulily )

    Hope my ideas have given you some inspiration. Enabling me to exercise my inner goth comes to the fore at Halloween but of course I often channel this look at any time of year !! I’d love to hear any of your ideas and secret sources too.




  • Autumn Picks

    Autumn Picks:

    The leaves are everywhere, the days though occasionally still warm are becoming chilly. Millions of parents are starting to fill their shopping bags with Autumn clothes for their children.

    For me, this is my favourite time of year with regards to dressing Phoebe. Cute coloured dresses and funky boots, tights with patterns and hats with ridiculous ears. Dresses though, dresses win every time. I love them, I search for the quirky, the comfortable, the bold, the unique.

    This is why picking Eva & Indie and Skellywear as my Autumn Picks was incredibly easy for me.


    Eva & Indie:

    Eva and Indie, created by creative mama of two Vivian, offers a unique range of handcrafted clothes, with the emphasis on bold and unique prints.

    Vivian, showing  great passion for dressing up her daughters, not only draws and designs her own prints but she also sews them herself.



    Autumn Picks

    Happy Bunnies

    As seen in the pictures, Phoebe is wearing a cotton bunny dress from her Autumn collection coming out soon. When it arrived you could instantly see and feel how well made it is, with a funky but sweet eye catching print but still made for the body and movements of a child.  This dress is so in line with everything I look for when shopping for Phoebe.

    In fact it was so beautiful that I wanted to order more of her stuff straight away. With a pretty amazing looking burger dress soon to be mine, it was lovely conversing with Vivian about my order. She understood my concern for my young but very tall child and was really helpful in giving me advice on sizings etc.

    Shopping/buying from an actual human being is so much more personal and feels so much more intimate and it’s great to be able to support small businesses wherever possible . http://www.evaandindie.com



    Autumn Picks

    Phoebe rocking her dress



    This is a shop I have been coveting since Phoebe was a newborn, I remember messaging her and asking if she sold stuff for babies. Selling clothing for toddlers and children, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on bits for Phoebe.

    Run by super mama of two Leonie (I literally envision her in a cape), Skellywear sells clothing from all over the world from brands such as Albababy, Huxbaby, Nu Nu Nu, Corby Tindersticks and many more.

    With a passion for stripes and colours, Leonie wanted her store to be filled with unique, funky, bright, fun, urban, contempory children’s clothing. She does not fail.

    Patterns galore, if you want bold then look no more, head to  http://www.skellywear.com



    Autumn Picks


    Having bought a few dresses from her before, it was a pretty easy decision to buy from her to add to Phoebe’s Autumn wardrobe.

    As seen in the pictures, Phoebe wearing a dress by Zezuzulla a fresh and popular brand from Poland.


    Autumn Picks


    Head to their websites and instagrams listed below for a peruse.

    Keep an eye out for Eva and Indie’s Autumn collection going live.

    Skellywear will also be celebrating their 3rd birthday. A giveaway may be happening for the occasion.






  • Myleene Klass – My K for Mothercare


    My K for Mothercare

    A few of my fave items


    Myleene Klass – My K for Mothercare

    I will always be on the hunt for a great outfit for Phoebe. Be it trawling through Etsy, Ebay, Instagram shops into the wee hours.

    Always looking for something a bit quirky, often themed, funky, well made and something still childlike.

    So imagine my joy when I discovered Myleene Klass had brought out a new range for Mothercare. High street and affordable.

    Now we all know monochrome is fashionable at the moment, children rocking out in black houndstooth leggings with black tops against a white wall. it is simplistic, slightly futuristic, hip, and a firm favourite of the Scandi style loving mama on Instagram at the moment.

    Myleene’s My K collection for Mothercare offers all of the above, Black, white, grey, well made and youthful wear for Newborns to 8 year olds. A lot of the collection is Unisex, bunnies are a featured on a lot of the clothes which is great as it instantly adds a touch of childlike quality to a style that can often be quite grown up. Oh and did I mention it is highstreet and affordable?  For me, someone often seeking something different which often means more pricey, discovering that I can have my monochrome cake and eat it, without weeping into my wallet and then hiding the packaging is a bonus. More than a bonus, it is fabulous.

    So as seen in the image above, I have already bought a few outfits for Phoebe and they are great. Well made and comfy for my ever moving toddler.

    We were also fortunate enough to go to Myleene’s launch party where hearing her talk about the process and work she put into it, made supporting and buying from her collection just that little bit more worthy.

    So if like me you are always on the search for great clothes for your children but often fearful of hurting your wallet, then I could not recommend Myleene Klass new My K range for Mothercare enough.

    Head over to http://www.mothercare.com to see her new collection. It will not disappoint.






  • Summer Fashion Recommendations

    It is the great British summer…

    Excuse me whilst I roll my eyes and flick my wet hair out of my face.

    The time for sticky nights, hot days, garden parties, park meet-ups and holidays.

    My favourite time of the year, especially when the weather is behaving and I can stay outside with Phoebe all day entertaining/exhausting her.

    Stocking Phoebe’s wardrobe with summer clothes has been a pretty easy task this year. Shops are embracing patterns, rompers are at the height of fashion and fashionable yet practical items are making covering a pale skinned child just that bit more enjoyable/easier.


    I wanted to share some of my favourite independent shops in this post. They are ticking a lot of boxes when it comes to cool summer kids fashion. I have selected a few of their offerings to share with you.

    My summer fashion recommendations:

    Cissy Wears Is an online shop that also has a London store. Often Minimalist and modern, always of fantastic quality. If you are looking for quirky interiors, nursery, clothes, something for you, toys. Great for lovers of Scandinavian wear too.
    As shown above: Bobo Choses – Mattise swim shorts, Beau L0ves – pale lime bunny romper, TinyCottons – white crazy garden romper, Inflatable toucan. *psst, these items are also in the sale at the moment. Quick go!*

    Little Hot Dog Watson Is a new business run by Emma, currently making waves on Instagram.
    Hats are her thing, not just any old hats, hats that are funky, cool, fashionable, with a hint of Andy warhol style to them. Did I mention they are made to protect our little ones heads and have UV protection and stop them from overheating.
    I imagine a lot of us have stood in shops wondering why practical often has to be so dull and bland looking. Stop looking, her hats will not disappoint.

    £19.99 a hat. Ages 0-5

    Milk Moustache Is an online shop run by Sarah. Items made exclusively by her designs, her clothes are light, patterned and well made.
    Her array of ice cream goodies is a summer fashion must have and if you have any requests for things you cannot see online, she is always happy to try and meet your requirements.
    I know Phoebe’s wardrobe is ice cream filled at the moment.
    *Prices subject to item*

    Rock It Tots Run by mum of three Hannah. An online shop, selling children’s clothes. Bright, bold, adorned with quotes and great if you want something personalised. Rock it tots also has a great selection on offer for anyone with twins/triplets.
    Another shop of great quality and choices.
    *Prices subject to item*

    Click on the links to go to their instagrams:
    Cissy wears
    Little Hot Dog Watson
    Milk Moustache Official
    Rock it Tots

  • The parents alphabet

    The parents alphabet

    A is for Abs. Remember them?
    B is for bottle or boobs. The thing one person will always have an opinion on.
    C is for Calpol. Say no more.
    D is for dreaming. Dreaming of a whole nights sleep.
    E is for eyeballs. The thing your baby will love to poke first thing in the morning.
    F is for farting. They do it a lot. They love fart noises.
    G is for grandparents. Or life savers.
    H is for hormones. The things that make you go from normal to bat shit crazy in 0.2 seconds.
    I is for Iggle piggle. No avoiding that little blue bugger.
    J is for jam. For when you pretend to feed them a healthy meal but sometimes jam on toast creeps in.
    K is for kisses. The things that make it all worthwhile.
    L is for lie ins. Just joking, wrong list.
    M is for mama. You will hear that name in your dreams and sometimes nightmares.
    N is for nightime. Something you didn’t realise was so precious, pre baby.
    O is for olbas oil. That and snuffle rub. The signature scent of your baby.
    P is for poo. Poomageddons. Poonamis. Your life is taken over by poo.
    Q is for quaking. That thing you do when you hear them move or cough in the night.
    R is for running after. The thing you will do a lot.
    S is for soft play. The place where germs breed but your child can go crazy whilst you pretend to watch.
    T is for teething. The reason why parents drink.
    U is for using your clothes to wipe up snot.
    V is for vagina. Poor poor vagina.
    W is for wine. Your new best friend.
    X is for xylophone. Anyone still own the stick?
    Y is for yoghurts. The ssh pudding.
    Z is for zombie. Not just for the walking dead.

  • Milk Moustache Apparel

    Instagram has so far proven to be a powerful tool in introducing me to small independent shops that offer fierce, well made and quirky clothes.
    A shop which I have bought from a few times since Phoebe was 5 months old is http://www.milkmoustacheapparel.com this shop run by mum boss Sarah, offers a wide selection of Leggings, t-shirts, rompers, burp cloths, teething rings and more. Using funky, retro and individual materials made to order.
    She has always been fantastic with communicating with me and open to any requests which is always helpful when you have a long legged baby.
    We have purchased a selection of monochrome delights from her and it is always a purse battle not to buy more. (still holding out for the lotto win)
    So this is my recommendation of the moment if you are seeking some new wears for your children at reasonable prices and good quality threads.

  • 9 Months



    9 Months.
    This milestone hit me hard. The last haul before turning one. Buying 9-12 months sized clothes stung and I have found myself longing for the tiny Phoebe days. Just longing mind you, wouldn’t want to go back to the zombie hormone days.
    Phoebe has become quite the performer, she knows how to make you laugh and pulls questionable but cute faces.
    Words have started with weeeee, hi,mama,baa baa, hiya, ola (dog) and daddad (grandad)
    She is my child so her being a chatter box was a given.
    She has got the moves like Jagger, if Jagger was a drunken one legged horse. Bum shuffling everywhere, crawling when she has to and manoevering like Stig from Top Gear in her walker.
    Every day a new thing develops and it is amazing watching her change.
    Though on the 9 month of still not sleeping through, I could occasionally put her in the kennels for the night.
    That’s it now. The final countdown.

    Ali x

  • 8 Months


    Hello 8 Months,

    You crept up like my unwanted belly wobble.

    My little chubster is on the move. She has learnt to bum shuffle, backwards crawl and roll to all the places she is not meant to go.

    She tries to pull herself up and has discovered that my ‘handles’ make good well handles.

    Her vocal cords have developed and the noises she loves to scream are starting to make sense.

    Her exorcist imitating has slowed down thankfully. I may owe that to a church visit where she went full blown Regan. It may have left the building. (Fingers crossed)

    My baby seems not a little baby anymore. It’s making me broody….. pah ha ha *puts down the mum juice*

    But she has turned into a proper little person, my wingman.

    Not ready for the next four months, the final count down. I may have to invest in time travel.

    Ali x






  • Turning 6 Months





    So Phoebe is now closer to being one than a newborn. Excuse me whilst I weep at this. I am pretty sure I am not mentally equipped for this baby experience to whizz by this fast.

    Saying that, we are at the point of Phoebe being so utterly fascinated and into everything that I cannot help but really enjoy watching her take this crazy old world in.

    As she has passed the 6 months mark, she has suddenly become a little person. She is no longer just this cute little parasite who thanks you in coos and smiles. She interacts with you and responds. She likes to play games and has started making noises to get my attention. she eats food and eyes up everything that enters my mouth.

    This little person has started to sit up and see the world from a different angle. All these changes are amazing and every day something new happens.

    Things I could live without. Hair pulling. She almost gets this demonic look in her eyes and she takes every opportunity to pull my hair out. Forget tying it up, oh she will find it, like a moth to a flame.

    In fact pulling everything. Necklaces, scarves, beards, you name it. You will be stripped and possibly bleed. Yes she is just exploring but no I do not need my moles removed and I kind of like my hair.

    So as the milestones come thick and fast, I am realising that yes the craziness of motherhood is pretty immense but wow it is precious,

    Ali x

  • Turning 5months and a week of firsts

    PhotoGrid_1433706900800   5 months and a week of so many firsts.

    It began with a spoon. After weeks of her eyeing up my food with puppy eyes, I decided to start weaning her.

    Being my child I knew she would love food and she totally did. We are surfing the bland wave at the moment to adjust her tummy but I am ready and excited to introduce her to all the delights out there.

    Then came her first swim. After buying a gazillion cute swimsuits I thought I should actually put her in one. And the delay was only due to my fear of putting on swimwear.

    Off we went. Her looking adorable. Me in the only thing I had, a maternity swimsuit that made my boobage look mighty big.

    And again she really enjoyed the experience. Even when I made nanna do the dunk. And even when I had a little underwater boob spillage.

    So just when I thought our week had been eventful enough, she started rolling with her homies.

    After days of getting stuck trying. She finally did it. Turned over repeatedly.

    That’s it now, it is all zooming by. The changes are going to keep slapping me round the face until she is a teenager and I am slapping myself round the face.

    But although it has been milestone central it has been such a fab month and I feel this little person I grew has become a real tiny human, imitating, exploring and absorbing pieces of me.

    Though I also have learnt not to talk to her in the voice of the Exorcist anymore as she now does it back. Imagine that in playgroup,

    Ali x