• I slinged it my way

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    At the moment Instagram has turned into my agony aunt and one of my favourite platforms for advice and communication.

    A few weeks ago I asked the question: What sling should I buy that is easy to use.

    I was overwhelmed and chuffed at all the responses I got and with Ergo, Connecta and Boba being the most raved about, off I went ready to google and explore.

    Then I discovered a free group called a sling library where you can seek advice, try on and even rent a sling before you buy.

    I attended my local one on a Friday and was so impressed at this service run by mums. Mums volunteering their time to support you and ensure you get to grips with the sling that bests suits your needs and let me tell you the choice is overwhelming.

    I left the library with a Connecta that I rented for 2 weeks for £6.50!!! What a service.

    Easy to put on, light, foldable and super comfy. Within minutes I knew that was for me.

    And if by wonderful single mum financed luck. At a nearly new sale the following morning, I came upon a worn twice black connecta for £15. (Retails around £68)

    Totally meant to be.

    Obviously I am not a plain black kind of person so with some left over Frida Kahlo/skulls fabric, we pimped it up Ali Style.

    If you are seeking a sling and feel overwhelmed by choice, I really suggest you see if you have a sling library near you. Saved me hours of net trawling and spending money on something I may not of been suited to,

    Ali xx



  • Bag wars

    Yes this is a thing, granted it is only going on in my head, but still. Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with nappy bags and why am I so hard to please.

    Firstly I am not and will never be a yummy mummy. I am probably the very opposite. I swear, I have a Beavis and Butthead/Monty Python sense of humour and I don’t brush my hair for days. Don’t let my red lipstick and winged eyeliner fool you. I could apply that whilst sitting on the loo and feeding Phoebe simultaneously. Multi-tasker not yummy mummy bag owner

    Cath Kidstone is nice but I see it EVERYWHERE. One has to remember the nappy bag replaces your handbag. This is a mind kill as it is for me. This bag represents me, my style. So of course I want a little individuality.

    Then we enter the why does a nappy bag have to be so heavy to start with problem. I am already pushing a house and attaching a brick heavy bag onto my mummy clip (excuse me whilst I also vom at that name) makes for a difficult push. That is not including the baby items one needs for a day out.

    So you can imagine what it was like choosing a nappy bag. I wanted to just buy a nice bag but was weary of it being waterproof and having suitable compartments.

    So after many a snorts at various bags and my mum threatening to turn me into a nappy bag, I finally found a bag I could get on board with.

    The Babymel Cara changing bag. Nautical and nice…. I could finally shut up. Yes it was still heavy but at least my pram wore it with pride.

    UNTIL, my local shop started selling them and now I see it attached to so many prams that I naturally don’t like it anymore.

    So now the search continues. Feel free to throw any suggestions my way, Or a Marc Jacobs baby bag. I won’t mind,

    Ali x

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  • Monochrome madness

    I love black n white things on Phoebe. It is neither dark or depressing. In fact I think it brightens her face up. There are some fantastic things you can buy for babies and kids on the internet. A lot of which I got my inspiration from sellers on Instagram.

    We have a nice collection of monochrome clothes. These are two of my favourite buys. The vest from www.sidneyboo.co.uk and the reversible camera dress from Etsy.

    Ali x

  • All about the quotes

    I am a quote obsessive. This was naturally going to pass onto my child via her clothes. A lot of people ask me where I get her tops from. It is really very simple. Ebay. The hub for buying anything and the kitchen sink.

    I find a seller selling personalised baby grows and ask them for whatever word splurge I am in the mood for.

    They do not need to be expensive. I usually pay around five pounds per baby grow. This has been one of my fave things to buy for her so far as it feels so personal to my loves. I open her drawers and it is like a homage to my youth,
    Ali x

  • Crayon leggings

    CYMERA_20150313_115635-1024x1024Phoebe rocking in her Sidney Boo crayon leggings by Indikidual.

    Sidney Boo is one of those websites where you want to buy the stuff for yourself too. Beautiful and funky baby and kids wear at a price that does not make you feel guilty whilst indulging.


    Ali x

  • Nightfeeds/bankruptcy

    It is 2 am. My head is bobbing hard as I pat her back on repeat for 45 minutes. Begging for a bit of wind to escape. It doesn’t. Pat pat pat, rub rub rub, rock rock rock. I feel myself nodding off and worry that I am one step away from sleep dropping her.

    This is something that I had to go through a few times at night. It is painful and laborious. It is quite dangerous.

    I never thought that burping and winding would be so time consuming and probably one of the hardest things I had to adapt to.

    Then I discovered late night shopping.

    Bored of reading about Theodore’s first potty poo on Facebook and a lack of time zone challenged friends on twitter. I started to peruse the sites. Thankful for the bright screen distracting me and overwhelmed by all the wonderful midget sized crap I could buy for Phoebe, I started night buying. This came way to easily and with the offering of pay by Paypal, I didn’t even have to reach for my purse.

    Downside to this is I spent way too much money in the first few weeks of Phoebe’s life. It got a little bit crazy. Packages started coming that I had forgotten I had bought. Dresses, tops adorned with my favorite quotes, watermelon swimsuits for the following year. A hat with ears. I almost bought some baby cowboy boots…..

    I had to reign it in, I considered searching for some shopping addicts club. How could I stay awake without buying stuff. I mean Phoebe totally needed another dress to add to the other 20 she already has.
    Kudos to those parents out there who manage to stay awake during burping. I salute you.

    How did I reign it in? truth be told, Phoebe started sleeping a bit longer and burping a little easier so I got away with a quick net surf before I got close to shopping.

    And my bank balance? let’s just say it is a good job Phoebe does not eat food yet. But by gosh does she look pretty,

    Ali x

  • Open till midnight


    ‘Say no more, mon amour” I just had to pay homage to one of my favorite films Empire Records. 90s grunge was such a large part of my youth and Empire Records oozed all of that.

    Personalised baby grow from Ebay, Tights and skirt from Mothercare. All that is missing is Doc Martens and a floppy haircut,

    Ali x

  • Saying goodbye to my money

    IMG-20150131-WA0005-1024x1024 (1)When I found out I was having a girl. I admit as well as being so over the moon. I did gulp at the thought of my poor bank account.

    Knowing how I am with myself, with a wardrobe that has no room for Narnia. I knew I would become obsessed. Etsy and Ebay and Rodini oh my.

    It has also meant that my poor girl will be one day dressed as an extra out of Downton Abbey to rocking the punk look, to tiny dancer. I am totally one to dress her up. Plus I figure she owes me for the belly stretching. At least that is the excuse I am giving,

    Ali x

  • No babies were harmed in the making of these pictures

    IMG_20150305_163114-1024x1024Some of you readers may follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Those that know me, will know I like to take photos. That I also like to take more creative photos. Having Phoebe has been like stepping into the Faraway Tree. The opportunities she has given me to be trigger happy have been plentiful and I have been immersing myself in collecting photos and stories to create a book for her to keep.

    This blog will be no different, a photo speaks a thousand words and capturing all of her moments has made experiencing them so much more worthwhile.

    She will be embarrassed as a teen at them but love me when she is an adult,
    Ali x