• 7 months


    Starts singing “looks like we made it”

    Well hurrah, another month, another milestone reached. Still here to tell the tale and am none the wiser.

    The baby weight has gone. And by gone I mean still here, and by still here I mean it is never leaving me, we are destined to be together forever. *sobs into a teeny weeny slice of Victoria sponge cake*

    People who say sleep is for the weak, need to have a baby. I think they would maybe adjust that saying to ‘sleep is a bloody miracle and oh god I miss it so much’

    My little baby has grown in all directions and is currently sporting the “I eat food but cannot crawl, Stay Puft Ghostbusters look”

    But quite honestly she is just edible looking.

    That is until you meet the I eat real food poos. These poos often wake me up in the morning. Like that feeling of having a tea or a coffee but bleurgh disgusting, I am only feeding you rose petals from now on kind of feeling.

    Her teeth are appearing and her interest in every thing I am doing has reached the ‘I hide things I do not want her to eat whilst I am eating it stage’.

    She occasionally waves and high fives and has learnt to clap…… with her feet. What can I say. She is my child she was bound to be odd.

    The sleep deprivation associated with teething can get in the bin, alongside the nappies but all in all we still like each other and that is an achievement.

    High fives all around,

    Ali x

  • Oh sleep you protest too much


    I miss the sandman, I miss dreaming, I miss dribbling on my pillow.

    When I became pregnant, my ability to easily sleep, jumped out of the window and ran away.

    Since having Phoebe who is somewhat of a sleep thief, I find myself more and more acting like a character out of a David Lynch script.

    My eye bags look like they have won supermarket sweep and my concealor has become as vital as oxygen.

    I struggle to reduce her night feeds, this girl is not easily tricked and prefers milk whilst sleepy. And as someone who works with children I often give out the advice. Oh the irony.

    I don’t want to be the walking dead, I need energy for this solo voyage I am on.

    I am thankful that she goes to bed at 7 and I get time to myself, otherwise I think we may need to start seeing other people,

    Ali x


  • Gizzi’s Cherry Pie


    “This must be where pies go when they die.” -Dale Cooper

    You must be a lover of Twin Peaks to fully appreciate and respect this pie. This pie is famous to every David Lynch worshipper like me. Not only is it famous but man it tastes damn fine.

    So naturally I use my fellow Twin Peaks fanatic Gizzi Erskine’s recipe because this girl knows how to do it.

    I am going to include her full recipe, I however have a teething baby and a late night (non hang)over that has knocked the wind out of me, so will be cheating and using ready made pastry. I have made this pie twice with homemade pastry and twice with ready made. both delicious. If you have time. Go for it.


    Makes 8 slices: 20 minutes, 1hr rest and cooking time up to 1hr.

    For the pastry

    300g plain flour
    2 tbsp icing sugar
    ½ tsp sea salt
    170g butter, unsalted and chilled
    170g cream cheese
    1 free range egg

    For the filling
    1 kg pitted frozen sour or sweet cherries,
    235 g caster sugar, if using sour cherries, 140g if using sweet
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 star anise
    1/2 orange, juice only
    3 rounded tbsp cornflour

    Ice cream or cream to serve

    To make the filling, mix the cherries with all the remaining ingredients. Let the mixture stand for 20 minutes, then stir once more. Pop into a large pan and then bring to the boil. Turn down the heat and cook for 10 minutes or until the liquid the cherries makes become as a light syrup. Remove the spices and leave to cool. And chill in the fridge.

    To make the pastry pop the flour icing sugar, salt and butter into a food processor and blitz until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add in the edge and cream cheese and blend the dough until it forms a ball. Remove from the processor and knead very briefly to smooth out, divide in two, then chill both portions in the fridge for an 1 hour.

    Preheat the oven to 190C. Roll out half the dough to line a 23cm pie plate or shallow tart tin. Roll out the second half of the dough to form a circle to cover the tin. Put the circle on a sheet of baking paper and chill both the dough-lined tin and the circle in the fridge until needed.

    Pile the cherries into the lined pie plate until it becomes a gently swelling mound.
    Brush the edges of the pastry crust with egg, then lay the pastry lid on top. Trim the edges, then crimp together firmly. Cut a hole in the centre of the pie to allow steam to escape.

    Bake for 40 minutes until the thickened cherry juices bubble up through the central steam hole. If the pastry is darkening too rapidly, cover loosely with tin foil. Serve the pie warm or cold, with white chocolate ice cream or cream.

    This recipe is so easy and is a firm favourite in my house. Let me know if you make it,

    Ali x


  • Turning 6 Months





    So Phoebe is now closer to being one than a newborn. Excuse me whilst I weep at this. I am pretty sure I am not mentally equipped for this baby experience to whizz by this fast.

    Saying that, we are at the point of Phoebe being so utterly fascinated and into everything that I cannot help but really enjoy watching her take this crazy old world in.

    As she has passed the 6 months mark, she has suddenly become a little person. She is no longer just this cute little parasite who thanks you in coos and smiles. She interacts with you and responds. She likes to play games and has started making noises to get my attention. she eats food and eyes up everything that enters my mouth.

    This little person has started to sit up and see the world from a different angle. All these changes are amazing and every day something new happens.

    Things I could live without. Hair pulling. She almost gets this demonic look in her eyes and she takes every opportunity to pull my hair out. Forget tying it up, oh she will find it, like a moth to a flame.

    In fact pulling everything. Necklaces, scarves, beards, you name it. You will be stripped and possibly bleed. Yes she is just exploring but no I do not need my moles removed and I kind of like my hair.

    So as the milestones come thick and fast, I am realising that yes the craziness of motherhood is pretty immense but wow it is precious,

    Ali x

  • Feeding your way

    I am writing this post because I spoke to someone who said she felt a failure for not being able to breastfeed. Hearing her say failure was gutwrenching.

    Knowing that you have grown a tiny human inside of you and then gone through delivery. That is a bloody miracle. Looking after that tiny human as it grows into an adult, well that deserves a badge of honour.

    How you nourish your child is up to you and you should never feel ashamed if something was not for you.

    I wanted to breastfeed for the beginning. And if I am completly honest I knew it wouldn’t last. If I am really really honest. My wardrobe played a big part in that. Yeah I thought about the fact that living in dresses would make it hard and I didn’t want that. If I don’t mind. Why should anyone else?!

    Now I actually ended up not being able to breastfeed at all because I had post c section complications and was on medicines for so long that pumping to keep the milk flowing whilst I was in hospital made me exhausted.

    I then realised as my newborn drank her bottle and then lay in my arms, that she got all the love and nourishment she needed in that moment. That I was giving her the world, even if it came from a packet.

    Did I fail? No. Has anyone ever made me feel less of a mother because of how my child is fed? No.

    If you ever feel that you failed because of how you feed your child, then I urge you to stop, look at your child, pat yourself on the back for growing and nurturing that little human and give yourself a little more credit,

    Ali x