• Milk Moustache Apparel

    Instagram has so far proven to be a powerful tool in introducing me to small independent shops that offer fierce, well made and quirky clothes.
    A shop which I have bought from a few times since Phoebe was 5 months old is http://www.milkmoustacheapparel.com this shop run by mum boss Sarah, offers a wide selection of Leggings, t-shirts, rompers, burp cloths, teething rings and more. Using funky, retro and individual materials made to order.
    She has always been fantastic with communicating with me and open to any requests which is always helpful when you have a long legged baby.
    We have purchased a selection of monochrome delights from her and it is always a purse battle not to buy more. (still holding out for the lotto win)
    So this is my recommendation of the moment if you are seeking some new wears for your children at reasonable prices and good quality threads.

  • 9 Months



    9 Months.
    This milestone hit me hard. The last haul before turning one. Buying 9-12 months sized clothes stung and I have found myself longing for the tiny Phoebe days. Just longing mind you, wouldn’t want to go back to the zombie hormone days.
    Phoebe has become quite the performer, she knows how to make you laugh and pulls questionable but cute faces.
    Words have started with weeeee, hi,mama,baa baa, hiya, ola (dog) and daddad (grandad)
    She is my child so her being a chatter box was a given.
    She has got the moves like Jagger, if Jagger was a drunken one legged horse. Bum shuffling everywhere, crawling when she has to and manoevering like Stig from Top Gear in her walker.
    Every day a new thing develops and it is amazing watching her change.
    Though on the 9 month of still not sleeping through, I could occasionally put her in the kennels for the night.
    That’s it now. The final countdown.

    Ali x

  • 8 Months


    Hello 8 Months,

    You crept up like my unwanted belly wobble.

    My little chubster is on the move. She has learnt to bum shuffle, backwards crawl and roll to all the places she is not meant to go.

    She tries to pull herself up and has discovered that my ‘handles’ make good well handles.

    Her vocal cords have developed and the noises she loves to scream are starting to make sense.

    Her exorcist imitating has slowed down thankfully. I may owe that to a church visit where she went full blown Regan. It may have left the building. (Fingers crossed)

    My baby seems not a little baby anymore. It’s making me broody….. pah ha ha *puts down the mum juice*

    But she has turned into a proper little person, my wingman.

    Not ready for the next four months, the final count down. I may have to invest in time travel.

    Ali x






  • Weaning club



    The first rule of weaning club is we don’t talk about weaning club….. wait wait wrong life.

    I am a mum. All we talk about is weaning.

    But there are 6 rules to this messy, disgusting club.

    1) wear appropriate attire. I always like to dress like I am going to Alton Towers or making meth. I do not like to have pasta lobbed in my face and red handprints attacking my clean dress. (See above photo for recommended attire)

    2) Remove all your carpets. Babies sense nice carpets and food mark them like a cat marking its territory. Just take them away and burn them. Either that or you will be covering your carpets with little rugs to hide the red sauce stains. (Ahh remember the great lasagna lobbing of 2012).

    3) Don’t bother fighting your baby to have control of the spoon. You have more chance of getting your pre baby boobs back. Do use two spoons, that way you can trick them and feed them inbetween them gagging themselves with the wrong end of the spoon.

    4) The healthier the food the more it stains. Tomato based foods become your enemy. You will have an oompa loompa of a baby after a nutritious meal. Just feed them yoghurts. It blends with the paleness of their skin. *yeah but don’t*

    5) Don’t use baby wipes to clean them up, unless you are happy using a whole pack. Just stick them outside and powerhose them. That or a nice warm bath.

    6) Buy a dog. Best kind of hoover out there.

    If you stick to these rules, well it is still gross but at least you won’t end every meal wanting to crawl into the dog basket and weep,

    Ali x

  • 7 months


    Starts singing “looks like we made it”

    Well hurrah, another month, another milestone reached. Still here to tell the tale and am none the wiser.

    The baby weight has gone. And by gone I mean still here, and by still here I mean it is never leaving me, we are destined to be together forever. *sobs into a teeny weeny slice of Victoria sponge cake*

    People who say sleep is for the weak, need to have a baby. I think they would maybe adjust that saying to ‘sleep is a bloody miracle and oh god I miss it so much’

    My little baby has grown in all directions and is currently sporting the “I eat food but cannot crawl, Stay Puft Ghostbusters look”

    But quite honestly she is just edible looking.

    That is until you meet the I eat real food poos. These poos often wake me up in the morning. Like that feeling of having a tea or a coffee but bleurgh disgusting, I am only feeding you rose petals from now on kind of feeling.

    Her teeth are appearing and her interest in every thing I am doing has reached the ‘I hide things I do not want her to eat whilst I am eating it stage’.

    She occasionally waves and high fives and has learnt to clap…… with her feet. What can I say. She is my child she was bound to be odd.

    The sleep deprivation associated with teething can get in the bin, alongside the nappies but all in all we still like each other and that is an achievement.

    High fives all around,

    Ali x

  • Turning 6 Months





    So Phoebe is now closer to being one than a newborn. Excuse me whilst I weep at this. I am pretty sure I am not mentally equipped for this baby experience to whizz by this fast.

    Saying that, we are at the point of Phoebe being so utterly fascinated and into everything that I cannot help but really enjoy watching her take this crazy old world in.

    As she has passed the 6 months mark, she has suddenly become a little person. She is no longer just this cute little parasite who thanks you in coos and smiles. She interacts with you and responds. She likes to play games and has started making noises to get my attention. she eats food and eyes up everything that enters my mouth.

    This little person has started to sit up and see the world from a different angle. All these changes are amazing and every day something new happens.

    Things I could live without. Hair pulling. She almost gets this demonic look in her eyes and she takes every opportunity to pull my hair out. Forget tying it up, oh she will find it, like a moth to a flame.

    In fact pulling everything. Necklaces, scarves, beards, you name it. You will be stripped and possibly bleed. Yes she is just exploring but no I do not need my moles removed and I kind of like my hair.

    So as the milestones come thick and fast, I am realising that yes the craziness of motherhood is pretty immense but wow it is precious,

    Ali x

  • Marley’s World


    As a total bookworm, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to review Marley’s World – Asia by Gemma Byers.

    Now I am very aware that Phoebe is just a baby and is too young to be able to understand about Venomous bites and Forests In Borneo but I also read to her The faraway tree so….

    For this book I enlisted the help of my niece Millie and a five year old.

    The book features Marley a lovable cat that gets to go on various adventures. I was given Asia to read, and having spent alot of time there it was totally apt.

    The children and I were immediately drawn to the beautiful illustrations and Elephant was shouted out with glee.

    Each page is filled with friendly and life like illustrations and facts about the animals of Asia. A nice way it makes it child appropriate is the way the animals interact with Marley the cat. This was noticed by the 5 year old and she liked the familiarity. I believe this was a great way to help them concentrate on the facts.

    At the end of the book I was asked questions and my niece re opened the book to find the elephants.

    I will for sure be investing in the set and saving it for Phoebe to learn with.

    So to summarise, if your child likes to learn but wants to be immersed in child friendly pictures and an oh so cute cat then Marley’s World is for you. There is also an ecological message that makes it also appropriate for older children interested in wildlife and conservation.


    Gemma Byers is on Etsy under the name Marleysworldbooks so head on over there for a peruse.

  • When the going gets tough…

    When the going gets tough. The tough gets grumpy, teethy, overtired, exhausted and mildly annoying.

    I will admit it. Those mums you meet who can never talk about the bad and crazy moments of parenthood. Those mums drive me batshit crazy. Any mum will know motherhood is yes wonderful but also sometimes weird. And exhausting.

    And it also helps to be able to share the good and bad moments. Stops you from feeling isolated and wanting to occasionally bash your head on the wall.

    Exhibit A: Phoebe the new star of poomageddon, and who will now be known as crapnappy Affleck. Phoebe did one of those poos where she looked like had attended Glastonbury in the rain.

    She also did it after waking me up loads in the night after teething and being miserable and when I was feeling a tad ropey.

    She rolled around in it. It went on my bed. My arms were covered. She got it on her hands and then tried to put her hands in her mouth. I eventually got her to the bathroom and filled the sink up to which her nappy fell on the floor. Shit side down. I yelled and stood in it. It was like a budget version of a carry on film.

    I thought my head was going to explode. Then I accidentally scraped her back on the tap. She did not notice but I sobbed my eyes out at the thought of hurting her. NOW imagine this scene. The sheer ridiculousness of it all.

    Imagine going through this and not being able to laugh afterwards and share it with a friend.

    Shit should always be shared. ALWAYS. Because everyone experiences it and I am not just refering to the poonami kind.

    Don’t be a ‘everything is Peachy, my child farts glitter and eats all her homemade kale and goats cheese muffins, that I made whilst she was having her three hour nap’ parent. We parents need to honestly hear from you.

    If we don’t. How else do we know we are okay and surviving parenthood,

    Ali x

  • Turning 5months and a week of firsts

    PhotoGrid_1433706900800   5 months and a week of so many firsts.

    It began with a spoon. After weeks of her eyeing up my food with puppy eyes, I decided to start weaning her.

    Being my child I knew she would love food and she totally did. We are surfing the bland wave at the moment to adjust her tummy but I am ready and excited to introduce her to all the delights out there.

    Then came her first swim. After buying a gazillion cute swimsuits I thought I should actually put her in one. And the delay was only due to my fear of putting on swimwear.

    Off we went. Her looking adorable. Me in the only thing I had, a maternity swimsuit that made my boobage look mighty big.

    And again she really enjoyed the experience. Even when I made nanna do the dunk. And even when I had a little underwater boob spillage.

    So just when I thought our week had been eventful enough, she started rolling with her homies.

    After days of getting stuck trying. She finally did it. Turned over repeatedly.

    That’s it now, it is all zooming by. The changes are going to keep slapping me round the face until she is a teenager and I am slapping myself round the face.

    But although it has been milestone central it has been such a fab month and I feel this little person I grew has become a real tiny human, imitating, exploring and absorbing pieces of me.

    Though I also have learnt not to talk to her in the voice of the Exorcist anymore as she now does it back. Imagine that in playgroup,

    Ali x


  • I slinged it my way

    2015-05-26 18.38.392015-05-26 18.38.14


    At the moment Instagram has turned into my agony aunt and one of my favourite platforms for advice and communication.

    A few weeks ago I asked the question: What sling should I buy that is easy to use.

    I was overwhelmed and chuffed at all the responses I got and with Ergo, Connecta and Boba being the most raved about, off I went ready to google and explore.

    Then I discovered a free group called a sling library where you can seek advice, try on and even rent a sling before you buy.

    I attended my local one on a Friday and was so impressed at this service run by mums. Mums volunteering their time to support you and ensure you get to grips with the sling that bests suits your needs and let me tell you the choice is overwhelming.

    I left the library with a Connecta that I rented for 2 weeks for £6.50!!! What a service.

    Easy to put on, light, foldable and super comfy. Within minutes I knew that was for me.

    And if by wonderful single mum financed luck. At a nearly new sale the following morning, I came upon a worn twice black connecta for £15. (Retails around £68)

    Totally meant to be.

    Obviously I am not a plain black kind of person so with some left over Frida Kahlo/skulls fabric, we pimped it up Ali Style.

    If you are seeking a sling and feel overwhelmed by choice, I really suggest you see if you have a sling library near you. Saved me hours of net trawling and spending money on something I may not of been suited to,

    Ali xx