Ginger Rock Designs


Ginger Rock Designs;

Stumbling across this shop for me was a little like stumbling into Aladdin’s cave. I have always had a thing for beautiful lights, and this shop did not disappoint.

Ginger Rock Designs

I think Phoebe is very happy with her new light.

Selena, after being on maternity leave with her fourth child wanted to deck out the place with blinging lights. All could she see was white and metallics, being obsessed with aqua baby blue, she decided as a family they would make some. After a lot of work Ginger Rock Designs was created.

Ginger Rock Designs

Custom made and available in an array of colours, patterns as as glitzy as your heart desires. Selena takes personalisation on with great passion and and will stop at nothing to create a show stopping light for you.

I wanted the letter P for Phoebe’s room. Selena immediately recommended an aqua colour after seeing a picture of Phoebe’s cot. When the light arrived it was perfect and fitted in with the theme of the room. As you can see in the pictures Phoebe noticed it straight away, announcing “my light, pretty light” and wanted to hold it a lot.

I was so impressed with the finish of it, the details that I am already planning my next light from her. I mean you can never have too many lights right?

If you are looking for beautiful handmade lights for you, your children, an event then I could not recommend Selena and Ginger Rocks Designs enough.

Ginger Rock Designs


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