Hello Kitty at Cutter & Squidge

Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea

I am an afternoon tea geek, I love them. They are a treat, a feast, a reason to celebrate.

Imagine the excitement when I found out Cutter & Squidge had created a Hello Kitty afternoon tea pop up at their bakery in Soho.

Entering the bakery, with the array of beautiful cakes and biskies on display was certainly enough to make my tummy do flips. Going downstairs to their Hello Kitty garden was like being a child again and wearing your mum’s shoes.

It was small but enchanting and you certainly felt like you were about to embark on a Hello Kitty journey.

Now I always think that when indulging in a whimsical/themed afternoon tea, it is best to join in and let yourself get immersed in it. The experience then is always something a little more special.
Happy, smiley staff brought us Mimmy’s pink lemonade in sweet bowed bottles. A selection of teas were offered and I had the apple pie tea which was surprisingly refreshing and not as sweet as I imagined it to be.

Hello Kitty afternoon tea

Hello Kitty Delights on offer at Cutter & Squidge

Food was then presented and explained to us in a stack of bamboo steamer boxes.

The savoury box, consisting of things like savoury scones with red pepper and cream cheese toppings, was divine. I wanted to take some home and recreate the recipe. Also the sandwiches and a coronation cracker were light and flavoursome.

Now let’s be honest. It’s always about the sweet things. I think I speak for many a sweet toothed person when I say, this is the main race. The last hurdle before you leave and waddle home. You want it to be good and for your mouth to go out with a bang.

It did not disappoint.

It was Mimmy shaped jelly, marshmallows, apple pie mousse with a biscuit to dunk, Hello Kitty’s chocolate mud pie, cake truffles, strawberry milkshake Biskie (which by the way is a special Biskie created by Cutter & Squidge). I am sure I am missing things but by golly gosh it was a feast. A sugary heavenly feast at that.

I almost feel ashamed to admit that I had to take some of it home. There was so much. Don’t worry though, I carried on the Hello Kitty party when I recovered at home.

What made this tea just that extra bit special was all the extra attention to details, the attentive and warm staff, the decorations, the fact that they gave you Hello Kitty stickers in your bag when you left.

Cutter & Squidge wanted you to feel special and they succeeded.

Hello Kitty at Cutter & Squidge is on till the 31st of August so if you are a fan of Hello Kitty and afternoon teas, then I strongly advise you to book/go. It is also very child friendly and they do a smaller version of the menu for children.

Head over to www.cutterandsquidge.com for all the details. They are also on Instagram as the same name.

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