I think we need to come up with a new word for “Holiday”

If you look up the definition of holiday: It refers to days of rest and recreation…

Excuse me whilst I pah ha ha all over the computer screen.

I used to go on holiday, I used to sunbathe all day and drink Pina Colada’s. I used to swim in the pool and read salacious gossip magazines and listen to music.

Going away with a small one is more like a work trip, a rite of passage. There will be no sunbathing, no cocktails, no flirting with the waiters.

Instead you are shitting bricks about the bedroom with no black out blinds, and the travel cot that breaks your back. You are cursing because you did not bring enough vests and your small one has taken to crapping up their back.

That you could of gone away for two nights or three months and still had to take away the same amount of stuff. The stuff that took you two weeks to pack as packing with a small one is a little like torture.

Sure you have a lovely time and you see things you may not have seen now that you can not lay still for more than ten minutes. You even enjoy yourself and get to have a glass of wine after you have wrestled the small bag of snakes to sleep. *child*

But Holiday. Nope no siree, not from my experience.

We need to come up with a new word for it because “Oh my god, I am so exhausted and I am never leaving my black out blinds again, is a little long,

Ali x

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