I slinged it my way

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At the moment Instagram has turned into my agony aunt and one of my favourite platforms for advice and communication.

A few weeks ago I asked the question: What sling should I buy that is easy to use.

I was overwhelmed and chuffed at all the responses I got and with Ergo, Connecta and Boba being the most raved about, off I went ready to google and explore.

Then I discovered a free group called a sling library where you can seek advice, try on and even rent a sling before you buy.

I attended my local one on a Friday and was so impressed at this service run by mums. Mums volunteering their time to support you and ensure you get to grips with the sling that bests suits your needs and let me tell you the choice is overwhelming.

I left the library with a Connecta that I rented for 2 weeks for £6.50!!! What a service.

Easy to put on, light, foldable and super comfy. Within minutes I knew that was for me.

And if by wonderful single mum financed luck. At a nearly new sale the following morning, I came upon a worn twice black connecta for £15. (Retails around £68)

Totally meant to be.

Obviously I am not a plain black kind of person so with some left over Frida Kahlo/skulls fabric, we pimped it up Ali Style.

If you are seeking a sling and feel overwhelmed by choice, I really suggest you see if you have a sling library near you. Saved me hours of net trawling and spending money on something I may not of been suited to,

Ali xx



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