Lucky Go Happy

Lucky Go Happy

This new shop was a perfect find for me, clueless in most aspects of ethical and eco-friendly products but for sure starting to be a bit more aware of what I gave/dressed Phoebe in.

Discovering Jaime and Lucky Go Happy was fantastic and eye opening. It was also perfectly Timed.

Lucky Go Happy

I had recently been worrying about how gross children’s toothpastes were. I never realised how much crap I was allowing my child to put into her mouth, all in the name of clean teeth.

Jaime at Lucky Go Happy had a range of organic, natural, fluoride free, colour/sugar free toothpastes that come in a wide range of fruit flavours.

Not only was Phoebe now brushing her teeth with something less harmful but she has become obsessed with the toothpaste because it smells and tastes rather yummy. A child that wants to brush her teeth. A winner to me.

lucky go happy


Why Lucky Go Happy was created

I spoke to Jaime, a mum of two in Newquay about her new shop which was launched in April.

She told me that when she moved from Essex to Newquay there was distinct lack of children’s clothes shops.

Whilst at home she had also taken an interest and recently been trying to eradicate all products with chemicals and investing in more natural products, she saw a gap in the market.

Lucky Go Happy was created so that people/parents looking to source clothes, body products for both them and children and gifts that were eco-friendly, ethical, organic could find them all under one “roof”.

Brands such as Organic Zoo, Lennie & Co, Carlijnq, Jack n’ Jill and many more.

My eyes have been opened

Since discovering Lucky Go Happy, not only have I been super happy and impressed with the quality of the products that I have received but I have started making small changes.

Baby steps mind you,

If you are looking to invest in some environmentally friendly products for your child and a few for you, then I cannot recommend enough a visit to her online store.

Be warned you will never look at toothpaste in the same way again.



Jaime’s shop is and she is also on Instagram as the same name.

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