Nutella Crepe Cake – Mums edition


Baking, cooking, eating and feeding. I love to do it. If I had more time, money and the metabolism of a twig I would probably bake something every day.

I also have a small baby and she does not care about my goodies yet so time is an obstacle.
So I made the lesser time Nutella Crepe Cake.

I bought ready made crepes (22) This saved me hours of making crepes that are of the same size and thickness. If you can do that, google sweet crepe recipe and go for it.

1 Jar of Nutella, A large pot of double cream, and things to decorate. I chose strawberries and Galaxy to grate on top.

It really is such an easy thing to create.

I placed Nutella in microwave for a few seconds to soften. Whipped the double cream and gently mixed in three large spoons of Nutella.

I then placed one crepe down and spread Nutella only on the bottom one. Then I layered each crepe with a large spoon of Nutella Cream, Building it up. I then piped the remaining choc cream on top added strawberries and grated Galaxy on top. This then needs to go in the fridge for at least an hour before serving as it nicely binds the flavours together. Can be made the day before if kept in an airtight container but I believe it to be better made on the day. Use a sharp knife safely to slice.

Really is that simple. A dessert extraordinaire. So you chocolate lovers weep and thank me when you have tried it,

Ali x

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