Oh little child

I am partial to a bit of a rhyme. This was unintentional. I have a tendency to word splurge at really random times.
I wrote this in about one minute after administering Calpol to Phoebe. After witnessing my child bite the door in anger, lie on the floor shouting “Nooooo Peppa ssh”, then get up and kiss me.
Parenthood is a rainbow of weirdness, brilliance, crap, unexpected moments, joy, exhaustion and amazing.

Oh little child that I did birth
A girl that would be all mine
Little did I know
How different I would spend my time.
From days out with friends
seeing animals and eating cake.
Being trapped in the house
begging poo to make it’s escape.
Teething, biting and slapping friends heads
Singing twinkle twinkle to me as I put her to bed.
Mama meets and making friends for life
500 episodes of Peppa Pig
causing serious puddle strife.
Rashes and coughs
does my child have the pox.
Finding week old rice cakes
festering in the toy box.
Taking way too many pictures
that no one really wants to see.
Imagining a million different scenarios
of what my little girl will grow up to be.
Going out with friends and promising
not to talk about little ones
thirty minutes into the night
we are discussing teething and the runs
sometimes wishing that my life was a little easier that I had a bit more time to be free.
Then when alone, looking at pictures of her and thinking this is how it is meant to be.

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