Other people’s children

I love children. I really do but since becoming a mum my patience for other people’s children has really decreased.
Thoughts I regularly have about other people’s children.
Stop licking my child. I do not want any more germy, sleepless sick nights.
At soft play: lob the ball at my child one more time and I am coming in there.
At playgroup: Thanks for allowing your child to eat the fake dry wotsits my child loves, whilst my child looks at me with Bambi eyes and then tantrums wanting a snack.
Get your man giant child out of the playground area, quite obviously allocated for the drunk like toddlers.
Yes I know you don’t know that my child drinks from the same make bottle as your child, but now my child is screaming for milk and all I have is a beaker of water.
Ahh it is sweet that your child wants to explore my child’s face but it is not a sensory basket.
I have come to your child’s party and there are no party bags! Why did I even get dressed today.
Anyone else feel the same way?

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