Perspective. Motherhood is all about perspective.
You experience lows and emotions then suddenly a perspective smacks you across the face and you pull up your big girl mum boss pants.
I have recently experienced such exhaustion from being a little bit under the weather and having a night raver that my emotions have been all over the place.
I have this amazing baby that is almost always happy and laughing but does not seem to need/want much sleep.
And today after coughing my ribs apart, I was praying for a day nap with her. This did not go quite to plan and I ended up so cross and in tears. I wanted to go into another room and scream. As I was crying Phoebe was in hysterics laughing at me make this funny noise. She thought I was playing with her and so interacted with me.
This made me stop crying and laugh, it made me get over my mood and realise what it was all about.
Yes it can be hard, yes I miss lying on the sofa, reading magazines, lie ins, being on my period and eating a whole loaf of tiger bread whilst watching an entire series of the gilmour girls.
But I have this baby that is growing up too quickly and she is what it’s all about.

These perspectives are an annoyingly wonderful thing.

Totally waking her up loads when she is a stinky teenager,
Ali x

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