A Retro Kids Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Retro Kids Christmas. To be fair, I am always dreaming about Retro Kids and their goodies but since I pretty much kitted Phoebe’s nursery in stuff from there. I have had to allow my purse to breathe again and refuel.

Which is why I have themed most of my Christmas asks around Retro Kids.

Retro Kids

Now that is a snow globe

Who are Retro Kids?

For those of you unfamiliar with Retro Kids. First of all, how? Retro Kids is an online shop run by Joanne a mum of two. Joanne created Retro Kids a store selling Retro, Kitsch and Kawaii stuff for kids and well big kids (adults).

Selling products by brands such as Oli & Carol, Lapin & Me, Ingela P Arrhenius, Retro Fisher Price, A little lovely Company, Jimmy Cricket, Alba Baby and so many many more.

With a great range of prices too, there is something to please most.

Retro Kids

Who remembers these?

Retro Kids can not disappoint. They can make your purse weep, but all of the items are just so aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic. It is like going into the back of your wardrobe and instead of being in Narnia, you are at your nans wearing a Fido Dido t-shirt and bumbag and playing with your record train.

Retro Kids

What fun these used to be

So dear Father Christmas, if I promise not to sit on your lap anymore. Please can you drop these goodies down my chimney? I will leave a Heston’s Mince pie, a glass of Whisky and a copy of Mrs Claus does Lapland out for you.

*Sidenote: This pretty much is the list I have asked for Phoebe, I cannot recommend them enough*

Retro kids

How Russian dolls have changed.

Joanne at Retro Kids is on Instagram too.


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