It is a wonderful thing when you discover an alternative baby clothes shop shop that represents everything you look for when dress shopping for your daughter.

It is even more wonderful when you feel at ease with the owner who often goes out of their way to tailor for your needs, be interested in your child and shows enthusiasm whilst communicating with you.

And that is exactly what Claire from Skeletots does.

Skeletots is an alternative baby wear company that you can find via Etsy.

Alternative baby clothes company Skeletots. Etsy Shop in the UK
With dresses, baby grows, cardigans, headbands and tops using a variety of quirky fabrics that appeal to the rock chick in you. Hell you don’t even have to be a rock chick to appreciate the pugs, dinosaurs, foxes, skulls etc but a love for something that is well made and stands out is a must.

I think that a lot of people would appreciate their daughters rocking a dinosaur dress or beautiful fox print dress. I know the minute I found out I was having a girl, I envisioned her toddling about in a quirky dress and Doc Martens.

Head over to her Etsy store, for you will not be disappointed,


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