Sleeping babe

Now my toddler sleeps through. Someone said to me how nice it must be to not be tired anymore.
Not tired anymore!!!
I still run around after a toddler all day long who currently behaves like the worst version of a stunt man.
I get asked on 80 different occasions to play Raa Raa on youtube. I also experience mini tantrums on 80 different occasions when I say no.
I rarely sit down but when I do, I am playing Row Row or “Isn’t this fake plastic ice cream lovely”
I spend many hours outside in all weather on the swings or walking my child around in hope of a nap.
I am a personal chef and a motivational “come on try this hidden veg, crappy pasta” speaker.
I balance being a mother and barely competent adult.
I spend all day clearing up, ground hog day style.
I perform, educate, entertain, discipline. Even when ill or not feeling like being a human that day.
I don’t go to bed when my child goes to bed.
Do I really appreciate my child sleeping through and feel less like an extra from the walking dead? Yes.
Do I still feel tired? I am a mum. Of course I bloody do,
A x

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