Summer Fashion Recommendations

It is the great British summer…

Excuse me whilst I roll my eyes and flick my wet hair out of my face.

The time for sticky nights, hot days, garden parties, park meet-ups and holidays.

My favourite time of the year, especially when the weather is behaving and I can stay outside with Phoebe all day entertaining/exhausting her.

Stocking Phoebe’s wardrobe with summer clothes has been a pretty easy task this year. Shops are embracing patterns, rompers are at the height of fashion and fashionable yet practical items are making covering a pale skinned child just that bit more enjoyable/easier.


I wanted to share some of my favourite independent shops in this post. They are ticking a lot of boxes when it comes to cool summer kids fashion. I have selected a few of their offerings to share with you.

My summer fashion recommendations:

Cissy Wears Is an online shop that also has a London store. Often Minimalist and modern, always of fantastic quality. If you are looking for quirky interiors, nursery, clothes, something for you, toys. Great for lovers of Scandinavian wear too.
As shown above: Bobo Choses – Mattise swim shorts, Beau L0ves – pale lime bunny romper, TinyCottons – white crazy garden romper, Inflatable toucan. *psst, these items are also in the sale at the moment. Quick go!*

Little Hot Dog Watson Is a new business run by Emma, currently making waves on Instagram.
Hats are her thing, not just any old hats, hats that are funky, cool, fashionable, with a hint of Andy warhol style to them. Did I mention they are made to protect our little ones heads and have UV protection and stop them from overheating.
I imagine a lot of us have stood in shops wondering why practical often has to be so dull and bland looking. Stop looking, her hats will not disappoint.

£19.99 a hat. Ages 0-5

Milk Moustache Is an online shop run by Sarah. Items made exclusively by her designs, her clothes are light, patterned and well made.
Her array of ice cream goodies is a summer fashion must have and if you have any requests for things you cannot see online, she is always happy to try and meet your requirements.
I know Phoebe’s wardrobe is ice cream filled at the moment.
*Prices subject to item*

Rock It Tots Run by mum of three Hannah. An online shop, selling children’s clothes. Bright, bold, adorned with quotes and great if you want something personalised. Rock it tots also has a great selection on offer for anyone with twins/triplets.
Another shop of great quality and choices.
*Prices subject to item*

Click on the links to go to their instagrams:
Cissy wears
Little Hot Dog Watson
Milk Moustache Official
Rock it Tots

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