The Weekend?

Single parenthood and the weekend:

“It’s Fridaaaaaay. Thank god the week is over” This is something I don’t often think anymore. Though I know parenthood never really stops for anyone. As a single parent I often dread the weekend.
For most this is a time they think “phew I can spend time with my partner, share the roles a bit”
For me this is often my most isolated time. A time when not being in a two parent family is highlighted at it’s most.

Don’t get me wrong. I often have lovely weekends and I do see friends, but compared to my week which is full, fruitful and often surrounded by friends, the weekend can be lonely, families want to be with their families.

I feel envious of my family who quite understandably want to relax on the weekend and when I see them reading the Sunday papers by the fire and I am chasing a toddler who doesn’t want their pants on, it is exhausting.

I miss movie marathons, I miss crisp sandwiches and painting my nails. I miss Sundays.

After a lifetime of counting down to the weekend, I now countdown to the week when I can immerse myself with my friends again.

Who knew I would want to be painting the shed on a saturday then strolling to the pub for a family drink, whilst my casserole is in the oven.

I guess having a child really brought the Brady Bunch out in me.


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