Turning 5months and a week of firsts

PhotoGrid_1433706900800   5 months and a week of so many firsts.

It began with a spoon. After weeks of her eyeing up my food with puppy eyes, I decided to start weaning her.

Being my child I knew she would love food and she totally did. We are surfing the bland wave at the moment to adjust her tummy but I am ready and excited to introduce her to all the delights out there.

Then came her first swim. After buying a gazillion cute swimsuits I thought I should actually put her in one. And the delay was only due to my fear of putting on swimwear.

Off we went. Her looking adorable. Me in the only thing I had, a maternity swimsuit that made my boobage look mighty big.

And again she really enjoyed the experience. Even when I made nanna do the dunk. And even when I had a little underwater boob spillage.

So just when I thought our week had been eventful enough, she started rolling with her homies.

After days of getting stuck trying. She finally did it. Turned over repeatedly.

That’s it now, it is all zooming by. The changes are going to keep slapping me round the face until she is a teenager and I am slapping myself round the face.

But although it has been milestone central it has been such a fab month and I feel this little person I grew has become a real tiny human, imitating, exploring and absorbing pieces of me.

Though I also have learnt not to talk to her in the voice of the Exorcist anymore as she now does it back. Imagine that in playgroup,

Ali x


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