Turning One



To my darling daughter,

We did it. We survived.

This beautiful year. A never ending marathon.

And what a year it has been.

I never imagined I would be typing this post so soon. It seemed a second ago you were a skinny legged newborn sleeping on my chest. A second ago that I was experiencing colic and spending most of my day bouncing you up and down like a 90s rapper.

You grew, you learnt to eat, move, chatter.

I gave you more Calpol  than I imagined I would and months 9 – 11 were a teething haze.

You taught me patience but we have had lots of times when I would cry because I was so desperate for you to go to sleep and you would just want to hang with me like a drunken friend who doesn’t know when to leave a party.

We spent our days playing and being silly, buying you more clothes than you need. Exploring everything that is new to your eyes and both behaving as silly as each other.

You gave me eye bags that have eye bags, that carried extra eye bags incase the other ones ran out. You have ruined my back from bending over the cot and patting you repeatedly before I crept out of your room like a rookie burglar.

You made me realise who and what was important to me and to let the silly things go.

I taught you words and you mimicked me with the eagerness of a puppy.

Most importantly, you taught me love like I never knew before and for that I am eternally grateful to you.

Happy Birthday Phoebe Cecily Violet, Here’s to the next year,


Mama Ali xxx


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