When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough. The tough gets grumpy, teethy, overtired, exhausted and mildly annoying.

I will admit it. Those mums you meet who can never talk about the bad and crazy moments of parenthood. Those mums drive me batshit crazy. Any mum will know motherhood is yes wonderful but also sometimes weird. And exhausting.

And it also helps to be able to share the good and bad moments. Stops you from feeling isolated and wanting to occasionally bash your head on the wall.

Exhibit A: Phoebe the new star of poomageddon, and who will now be known as crapnappy Affleck. Phoebe did one of those poos where she looked like had attended Glastonbury in the rain.

She also did it after waking me up loads in the night after teething and being miserable and when I was feeling a tad ropey.

She rolled around in it. It went on my bed. My arms were covered. She got it on her hands and then tried to put her hands in her mouth. I eventually got her to the bathroom and filled the sink up to which her nappy fell on the floor. Shit side down. I yelled and stood in it. It was like a budget version of a carry on film.

I thought my head was going to explode. Then I accidentally scraped her back on the tap. She did not notice but I sobbed my eyes out at the thought of hurting her. NOW imagine this scene. The sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Imagine going through this and not being able to laugh afterwards and share it with a friend.

Shit should always be shared. ALWAYS. Because everyone experiences it and I am not just refering to the poonami kind.

Don’t be a ‘everything is Peachy, my child farts glitter and eats all her homemade kale and goats cheese muffins, that I made whilst she was having her three hour nap’ parent. We parents need to honestly hear from you.

If we don’t. How else do we know we are okay and surviving parenthood,

Ali x

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  • Angela // // Reply

    Did I ever tell you about the time when Phaedra sprayed me, Mark and half her bedroom with live action poo???

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